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Finance and Annual Audit

 The Parish Council has published the following financial information below and the information includes the annual auditing information for the Parish Council.  The Council is required to comply with audit regulations each year and has to have an internal as well as an external audit conducted by bodies independent of the Council.

Please see the published information below:

Accounts and Audit information for financial year 17/18:

Full year account reconciliation for fy 17-18

Audit Annual Return for 17-18 (part completed)

Supplementary invoices for annual audit return under Transparency Code


Previous years:

First quarter bank reconciliation for fy 16/17

Second quarter bank reconciliation for fy 16/17

Third quarter bank reconciliation for fy 16/17

Full year bank reconciliation for fy 16/17

New Waltham Audit for fy 15-16

Audit notice and inspection rights for the public for fy 16/17